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Are you desperately wanting to get healthy but are feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start?


Are you sick of trying diet after diet with little to no lasting results?


Do you want customized meal plans tailored to you and your family's needs?


Do you want to receive ongoing support from a community of women who share a common goal?


You've come to the right place! The 5-week Happy, Healthy, Whole Group Program was created to empower women to construct a healthy life on their terms and that truly fits into their lifestyle. This program features guest speakers, nutrition education, personal development, a badass community of women and last, but certainly not least, meal planning, meal planning, meal planning! But rather than hand you a meal plan and send you on your way, each week, you will be assigned to build your own meal plan and grocery list using the tools and templates provided. You will receive tips and nutrition education along the way to incorporate into your weekly plans and, over time, you will learn how to confidently create nutritious plans that fit your lifestyle (Picky eaters includuded!)


Also, since health is far more than the food you put on your plate, weeks 4 and 5 will dive into personal development and self-care. This will allow us to discover and remove any roadblocks that are keeping you from lasting health.


Lastly, the support doesn't end after the program. You will receive access to a private Facebook community where you can post questions, share wins, get recipe recommendations and more! You will also receive a complimentary one-on-one coaching session with me to use at your convenience, during or after the program.



What the Healthy, Happy, Whole Program Offers:


  • 4 - 90-minute sessions featuring guest speakers, nutrition education, meal prepping and planning, personal development and ongoing support and accountability ($600 value)

  • 1 - Complimentary 50-minute individual coaching session to use as needed  ($100 value)

  • A personalized workbook filled with meal planning tools and templates, recipes, lecture notes and MORE!  ($60 value)

  • A Private Facebook Community to recieve ongoing support during and after the program

  • 25% Discount on my 6-month coaching program launching June 2018 to use for yourself, or gift to a friend! ($250 value!!)



By the end of the course you will:


  • Be able to confidently, buy & prep a week’s worth of clean and healthy meals without the need for costly subscription services.

  • Have a month’s worth of customized meal plans and grocery lists.

  • Be able to confidently make healthy choices that work best for you and your family

  • Receive ongoing support via a Private Facebook community.

  • Receive exclusive invites to workshops, seminars, and classes (Think farmer’s market field trips, fitness classes, meal prep parties and MORE!)

  • SAVE $1,000+/year by prepping and planning your meals!





We will meet in person at my house in Worthington (Columbus, Ohio) Monday evenings from 6:30 pm-8:00 pm beginning May 14th. This 5-week program includes 4-90-minute group coaching sessions. See full course schedule below:


  • May 14th:  Session 1 - Clean Eating w/ Guest Adrienne Raimo, R.D. from One Bite Wellness

  • May 21st:  Session 2 - Meal Planning w/ Mason Jar Meal Prep Workshop

  • May 28th:  Memorial Day (No Session)

  • June 4th:   Session 3 - Self Care w/ Guest TBA

  • June 11th:   Session 4 - Personal Development w/ Guest TBA





The regular cost of the course is $499 BUT, to celebrate the kick-off of this program I am offering a special promotion price of $449! Even better, if you sign up by April 22nd, you will receive an additional $50 early registration discount bringing the price to $399! There are only 8 spots available so secure your spot today!





Who is this program for?

This program is for busy women and moms who are struggling to find balance when it comes to eating healthy. It's for women who feel overwhelmed in life and need support and guidance to get them back on the right track. It's for moms who are ready and willing to do the work to build a healthy life for themselves and family. It's for women who are searching for a like-minded community who will provide support along their health journey.


Can I really save $1,000+/year by meal prepping and planning?

I know, I didn't believe it either, but once I looked at how much money I was really spending on take out and one off grocery shopping trips (where you always end up buying more than what you went in for) it added up FAST! When I use the tools that will be provided in this course, Ieasily save $40+/week by avoiding take out and eliminating the need for last minute grocery store trips and I feel confident that you can do the same (if not more!)


How is a Health Coach different from a Doctor, Nutritionist, or Therapist?

Doctors don’t generally address the root cause of the symptoms but instead, prescribe a pill or other quick fix. Therapists don’t typically provide clear action steps or address food in relation to mood. Nutritionists typically give you a list of foods to eat and a list of foods to avoid. Most people already know this, but they haven’t been able to actually do it. Health Coaches address the root cause and guide clients in holistic healing, addressing all areas of life and hold you accountable in reaching your goals.


Where will we meet?

No stuffy conference rooms here! We will meet at my home Old Worthington in Columbus, Ohio.


All of this sounds great, but I don’t have anyone to watch the kids.

I understand how frustrating it can be to miss out on something important to you because no one can watch the kiddos and I would hate for you to miss out because of that. Contact me and let’s see how we can make this work...I may have some ideas!


For additional questions, contact me.



Are you Ready??