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6-Week Mom Boss Mindset Program

Are you an Entrepreneur Mom who is so busy juggling work and life demands that you are losing yourself in the process? Do health, wellness, and self-care continuously fall to the bottom of your never-ending to-do list? Do you feel guilty for working instead of spending time with your family and vice versa?

As a Health Coach for busy women, I've witnessed firsthand the struggle women have with prioritizing their health and well-being. Add a business and a baby, and the needs often go right out the window. As a fellow Mom Boss, I know how hard it is. We are so busy managing our business and our family that we often forget or feel too guilty to take care of ourselves. This inevitably leads to burnouts, stress, relentless anxiety, and health issues that keep us from showing up as our best selves in the areas that matter most: our family and business. 

This is why I developed a 6-week Mom Boss Mindset Program: to help Mom Bosses shift their health and well-being to the TOP of their priority list while simplifying their life and business.


I will guide you step-by-step to create a "30-Day Action Plan" that will help you smash your health, life, and business goals. I will also teach you how to let your Action Plan drive your day, and not let your day drive you! This will give you more clarity, energy, and confidence to get healthy, conquer your day, and remove the guilt from trying to do and be everything all at once.

Last but certainly not least, each session will also have a different health focus such a meal planning, nutrition, exercise, and self-care to make your health a top priority!

"There is no such thing as business problems, only life (and health!)

problems that manifest in our business."


This is why it is SO important to stop neglecting yourself and make yourself a priority starting today! 


6-Week Program Outline:


  • Week 1: Setting Goals for Your Health, Life, and Business and Discovering Your Why

  • Week 2: Turning Your Goals Into Action

  • Week 3: Removing Roadblocks and Creating a 30-Day Action Plan

  • Week 4: Setting Boundaries and Eliminating Distractions

  • Week 5: Outsourcing, Delegating, and Asking for Help

  • Week 6: Repeating the Process to Set You Up for Long-Term Success!

What's Included:


  • 6-50 minute one-on-one phone sessions

  • Training to shift health, well-being, and self-care to the top priority list without neglecting your business or family.  

  • Weekly assignments designed to get you healthy and find calm in your life

  • A re-usable 30-Day Action Plan template to help you to continue to smash your health, life, and fitness goals and continue your journey after the program ends.

  • 24-hour e-mail and text support between sessions

  • Easy to follow nutrition Information and meal planning training, tools, and resources 

  • My personal commitment to your success!

  • And much much MORE!


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